Susan B. Photography: Susan Baggett

Meet Susan!


Susan Baggett is the photographer and owner of Susan B. Photography. Susan specializes in high school seniors headshots, families and glamour generations. She has been in business a little over 11 years.

How did you choose your creative outlet? What inspires you?

I am a 3rd generation photographer in my family. I tried a lot of different photography styles; weddings, newborns, families but seniors - I relate to and really have fun with them. They inspire me to do better each time.

What is the best creative advice that you have been given?  

Sal Cincotta - "Slow down. Take the extra few minutes to shape the scene right."


Were you ever discouraged? If so, how did it affect your creativity and how did you overcome it?

Oh all the time and so I step back and depending on what discouraged me (client, my own feelings, etc.) I see if I can fix it or try the pose, the look, the lighting - whatever on the next session that it brings it up that I can try again. Working full time gives me the ability to take a few months off from my photography and recharge my batteries and go back at it with a full force.

What’s your life motto?

Just go with it.

Creative work isn’t easy, continue to “go at it with full force” Susan! We’re proud to have you as a member of The Studio. To view Susan’s work, head over to her website. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram.