Kim J Beauty: Kim Jundt

Meet Kim!


Kim Jundt is the owner of Kim J Beauty. Kim specializes in Wedding/Head Shot/Boudoir Hair and Makeup. Kim has been in the industry since 2008, but went full time with her business in 2015!

How did you choose your creative outlet? What inspires you?

It totally fell into my lap- I didn’t and don’t really like  to wear makeup or do my hair but I was a painter and thought how hard could cosmetology school be .... :) it was harder then I thought - it was a natural progression of art for me just in 3-D painting. Watching people doing what they love inspires me- true passion inspires me- people who laugh inspire me! Creatively speaking, shapes inspire me. Lastly fashion inspires me, more then I thought because I’m a pretty boring dresser! 

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What is the best creative advice that you have been given?

I have never really got any advice ... but here’s my advice if I had to give it to someone entering the Hair and Makeup world. As long as you have passion, faith, and are willing to work really hard- you can do anything and have anything you want in the world. Never stop learning- I learn from absolutely everyone I know- all my own failures are learning lessons - 

Be humble and share your skills with others. You will get 10 fold what you teach- and watch them grow- grow each other up! 

Were you ever discouraged? If so, how did it affect your creativity and how did you overcome it?

Ohhh tons of times I have been discouraged- I deal with a multitude of peoples personalities and preferences- sometimes you gotta just shut up and do what the client asked for, and sometimes you gently talk them into something that may work better for them.

Towards the beginning of my career I had a difficult client and I almost quit all together- now I have learned to be a Chameleon to any client and situation. You can’t please everyone! 


What’s your life motto?

I love Harry Potter so....

Study like a GRANGER 

Eat like a WEASLEY 

Live like a POTTER

Love the Harry Potter advice, Kim! The Studio is home to many different creatives, if you want to see more of Kim’s work you can find her on Facebook and Instagram!