Walnut Street Photography: Noah Berg

Meet Noah!

Noah Berg is a Colorado born full-time photographer based in Denver. Five years ago Noah started Walnut Street Photography, and mostly shoots on location weddings, headshots, and families. In the coming years, Noah plans to be specializing more in weddings and headshots.

Mati Boudoir Session-175.jpg

How did you choose your creative outlet? What inspires you?

I love painting and drawing but I’m terrible at it, so photography was a great choice for being able to express creativity and tell a story without having to have the patience you need for other mediums.

What is the best creative advice that you have been given?

Work Hard. Other people might be more creative or talented than you, but you can out work them :)

Were you ever discouraged? If so, how did it affect your creativity and how did you overcome it?

Every day! I just keep going and keep working harder and it goes away.

What’s your life motto?

Work Harder.

Wow- great creative advice, Noah! We’re excited to see Walnut Street Photography flourishing and what’s in store for the future. To see more of Noah’s work, check out his website at Walnut Street Photography, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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